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Plenary speakers

Advanced hard nanocoatings deposited by magnetron sputtering: role of energy

Plasma Physics of Sputtering Magnetrons

Low energy heavy ion accelerator facilities in IMP for material radiation research

Interaction of gas cluster ions with solids: experiment and computer simulations

Invited speakers

Some Reflections on Very Large Scale Ion Beam Surface Modification

Damage tracks of high energy ions in polymers and their use for fabricating 1-dimensional nanostructures 

Pulsed high-power discharge and arc for deposition of carbon based films

Ion-beam modification of Si and SiO2/Si structures for the development of light-emitting silicon-based devices

Ion implantation of Au, Pt, and Ag in PMMA, forming nanocomposites

Plasma source ion implantation: from research setups to large-scale industrial applications

Small accelerator-driven neutron source for material analysis

Subject of the report at the approval stage 

High-power pulsed ion accelerators and their practical application

Intense pulsed ion beam applications on metals modification and test

Intense pulsed ion beam applications on metals modification and test

Tolerance of multilayered systems MeN/Si3N4 (Me=Cr, Zr, Al) to radiation erosion

Ultra-high selective and permeable ion sieve fabricated with irradiated polymer membranes

Nanoscale pattern formation at surfaces in unconventional formats

Atomic-scale tuning of quantum dot site nucleation and Si based nanostructures growth on ion beam modified surface

Progress in high intensity, low ion energy implantation method development

Computer modeling of pka energy spectra and concentration of vacancy clusters irradiated by light ions

Generation of “unusual” ion beams based on discharge systems of vacuum arc and hollow cathode glow